Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Must I Change My Security Setting on My Android Device?
  Google Play Store requires a 30% fee to list our product.  The default setting on your device disallows any downloads from anywhere but the Play Store. In order that we may offer an advanced game  at a nominal price that is updated monthly and gives outstanding personal customer service, we have elected to offer the app directly to the user [sideloading].  Once you download and install your game, you may revert to the normal setting. The process is safe when downloading from the developer’s web site such as this web site.  [Click Here to see setting example]

Why is there a Delay after the Initial Splash Screen appears?
 The game is loading up its libraries that facilitate the logic portion of the game.  They are complex and large.  Please be patient.

Is BridgePro™ Available On Any Other Platforms?
  Yes, our game can be played on any Windows computer and on any non-mobile Macintosh computer [Click Here].  These programs require separate purchase.