This bridge game, BridgePro ™, is the most advanced, affordable contract rubber bridge computer card game on the Android market today.

Version 4.x is compatible with Android tablets and phones [not iPads or iPhones]. It will realistically play bridge with the user as if there were three other individuals sitting at the table.  It is visually pleasing, simple to use, and reliable.  It has a number of unique features that makes it an exciting game for the beginner or the most  advanced player. In the Advanced Level, bidding can be done in the manner of a duplicate bridge player. That is, sundry conventions such as Weak No-Trump, Weak Two Bids, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Gerber, Drury, Malowan, Acol etc. are supported.   [A duplicate player can select Chicago scoring and the game will play as if in IMPs.]  Goren type bridge conventions can be played at any skill level. The user will generate a new and different hand with each deal. None of the hands are pre-programmed. A random number generator creates all of the hands. Therefore, billions of possible hands maybe encountered.  [See ACBL’s Bridge Bulletin review of game.]

Cards Play Screen

Cards Play Screen

A special option, CardStuffer ™ allows the user to directly introduce specifically constructed hands into the game.

You may save any hands you wish to play or keep for analysis. There is no limit to the number of saves. This auxiliary option is a handy learning tool as one can enter hands from newspaper columns, bridge books or real life hands. The user may vary each individual card, the vulnerability and the dealer. He can flip or reverse the hands once dealt. Thus, you can create your own personal library of individual hands for future reference. This is a one-time fee only [lifetime use].

Card Stuffer Screen

Android Card Stuffer Screen

   In order to install the game properly on your Android device downloaded from a non-Google Play site, you MUST first go to Settings –>Security->Unknown Sources and check the box “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.” [Click Here to see setting example]

Why Must I Change My Security Setting on My Android Device?   Google Play Store requires a 30% fee to list our product.  The default setting on your device disallows any downloads from anywhere but the Play Store. In order that we may offer an advanced game  at a nominal price that is updated monthly and gives outstanding personal customer service, we have elected to offer the app directly to the user [sideloading].  Once you download and install your game, you may revert to the normal setting. The process is safe when downloading from the developer’s web site such as this web site.

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